We racE bikes

Based out of Long Island, New York. This core group of riders have a few things in common. BMX is the main one. It's simple, we LOVE bikes.

Team Corrosive (TC) Race Team launched officially in 2015, but our BMX roots go back to the 1980s. We started as a group of guys who rode flatland & street. Many of the current riders go back to the Mid 80's when they raced for the most amazing place ever - BMX Country.

Our team of 20 riders consists of boys & girls, novice to expert aged 5 to 50+. With this range we cover the entire track. Our home track is Shoreham BMX but we love to travel. You can find us at the NY State races, Gold Cup Series races, National races and the Sugar Cayne Bike Fest.

Our goals are simple, to help promote the sport of BMX and have tons of fun while doing it.


Say what? That's right, Check out the team page and follow 'Weggie" all around Long Island this summer collecting victories.  

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There are many people involved to make this come together but some we could not have done this without:

Richard Fleischman from RFA

Todd Lyons from SE Bikes

Airweld, Forestry IncMichael Wikan Photography

Fly RacingProfilePotter Plates, PlanetBMX

Special thanks to Greg at Suffolk Pro Cycles


Founded in 1987

Bikes, Skateboarding and Surfing

Original logo created by Chris Maletta

OG team: Matt Brady, Chris Maletta, Mark Stearns, Geoff "GeOff the Ramp" Keaufer, Michael Wikan, Jacob Gross, Dan Rico


                   Original Team Corrosive logo. Circa 1987.